The situation of your silo IN REAL TIME StoneLess® keeps you informed in real time about the level of filling of the silos of all your sites.
Never run out of material Intervene promptly with the sms alert
The real time situation with StoneLess® Map View silos and their situation in a comfortable map.

  • StoneLess®

    StoneLess® is a solution for those who use silos and wish to be able to know, any time and with precision, the quantity of materials contained in their silos.

    StoneLess® is a complete system and patented for the control and management of the material (mortar, plaster and pre-mixed in general) contained in silos with output to "fall" and "pressure".

    StoneLess® can be used in any industry where you have to know at any time the weight of the material in containers not easily movable or immovable even worth uninstalling partial or total of the same.

    We offer you the opportunity of trying out StoneLess for three months with no obligations on your part. Click here for info

Here's how StoneLess works

  • Silo

    Manage your silo, setting its capabilities and features.

  • Materials

    Create a custom list of materials to match each silo.

  • Shipyards

    Keeps track of the sites where the silo are located. Stoneless® will give you back a full geographic map.

  • Utents

    You decide who can use stoneless® and modify data.

  • Sms alert

    Stoneless® alerts you via SMS when a silo reaches the threshold quantity of material.

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