How StoneLess® workAn integrated system that allows you to keep everything under control in real time!

In the factory

In a factory, material is loaded into a silos to be sent to a work site.

Depending on the destination of material suppliers and the transporters, a “Minimum Load” figure cat be added via a computer or a mobile phone connected to the operating logic through any transmission protocol (without having to physically connect to the operating logic). This operation can be repeated from any geographical point, regardless of the geographical location of the actual silos. In addition to updating the “Minimum Load”, the same method is used to transmit the data  for the management and controllers: date, silos serial nm., SIM nm. of the operating logic, code and type of material loaded into the silos, address of the destination work site, contact person at the destination site, his/her phone number, site agent's name, phone number of the site agent, etc.

In the site

The silos arrives on site and is put into work.

When the quantity of material inside the silo reaches the “Minimum Load”", the StoneLess® logic triggers an audio and / or visual alert and, most importantly, automatically and autonomously sends SMS to mobile numbers programmed in it at the factory (max 4 numbers), with a message that reads “Silos S/N xxxxxxx operating on reserve.”

The message and audio alert will be repeated at gradually larger intervals, until the container is refilled. One of the 4 numbers to which the system communicates the “reserve” message is a SIM installed in a Factor model, so at this point the Factory knows the status of the silos and through a Computer Software, also supplied with the equipment, can issue an order to “refill”.

From the offices of the company can manage and control all construction sites within their competence

It is also possible to control one's “silos fleet” - at any time and from any place, using a smartphone or any other similar mobile device.  After work is completed at a site and silos returns to the warehouse,  StoneLess® can be moved to another silos, for another cycle of work.