StoneLess® advantagesDiscover the quality of stoneless® and optimization that allows you to achieve!

Operating diagram of stoneless®

At the level of our Computer Software, the types of information that you can obtain is  as varied as all the possible combinations of settings and requests:

  • Material situation in silos

    Check availability in all the sites.

    How much of a particular type of material you have in all your silos throughout the entire work territory, or divided by zones or geographic regions.

  • Check consumption

    The situation of the material in all of the silos.

    For customers who refer to each individual agent, you can find out the consumption of materials at various construction sites, and so on.

  • Manage stock

    Check material loads.

    Check that the stock (refill) of material arrives on time, as planned.

  • Keep track of replenishments

    Avoid disputes on site.

    . Be certain of the date when a silo goes into “reserve” (when the alert messages are sent), and the date of a corresponding order and refill, so as to avoid any disputes about delivery times with the work sites.

  • No amount of error

    Bring yard exactly the material you need.

    Be certain of the amount of material in each silo when ordering a refill – avoid travel costs for trucks returning back to the factory with excess material.

  • Schedule orders

    Check all your customers.

    If required, each agent can check their customers' silos from their mobile phone – ideal for planning and supply management.

  • Cost savings for the company

    Produces only the material you need.

    The company headquarters have a more efficacious tool for production and consumption planning, thus optimising the entire production cycle and drawing sure economic and logistic benefits.

  • Prevent the critical

    Use predictive analysis.

    Request predictive analysis to estimate the next critical point, to be prepared and covered.