About StoneLess®An integrated system that allows you to keep everything under control in real time!



StoneLess® is a solution for those who use silos and wish to be able to know, any time and with precision, the quantity of materials contained in their silos.


The introduction of silos in the construction industry in the late 60s was a big change and has offered a lot of benefits, both for the vendors of products, grouts and plasters, and for their customers. Since then, technology, and computer science in particular, have made advances that back then were hard to imagine. Computers, mobile phones, the Internet were created and disseminated. Yet one thing has remained exactly as it was: the ways to identify, or rather - to guess the quantity of materials contained in silos. In all earnest, the most popular method remained throwing a stone inside a container and trying to judge from the sound the level of material  inside of a silo.


Stoneless® - finally the way out of the Stone Age.


Stoneless® is a complete and patented system for the control and management of material contents (grout, plaster and other pre-mixes) in silos, with "fall" and "pressure" data output categories.





Stoneless® can be used in any industry where you might wish to know, at any time, the weight of  material in containers that are not easily movable or immovable.


Stoneless® is a device composed of two steel bars, hollow inside, with 4 load cells inside, one for each “leg” of the container to be weighed. The device is based on an operating logic, where the load cells provide the weight measured from each of them. The  logic process is connected to a backlit display, located also on one of the bars. It displays the measured weight. The display can be placed either on the front part of a bar or on its side.



The two steel bars are hollow inside, with a rectangular section of size in 2500 x 300 x 100 mm, 6 mm thick.

The cells housing is manufactured so as to reduce the mechanical moments from the bending and shearing force, and ensures that loads cells detect the entire weight of a silos.